Los Gatos del Rio

Los Gatos del Rio.  The River Cats.   The Sacramento River Cats are our representative in the Pacific Coast League, which along with the International League, are AAA, the top levels of Minor League Baseball.   The next step for the players is the Major Leagues.  The River Cats are affiliated with the Oakland A’s and many of the current A’s players played right here in river city.

What have the River Cats accomplished lately?  Well, in 2003 they were the champions of the Pacific Coast League (PCL)!  They repeated as champions again in 2004!  Last year, 2007, they were once again PCL champions and then went on to beat the Richmond Braves to become the champions of all AAA baseball.  Way to go guys! 

This is Raley Field in West Sacramento CA.  It’s just across the river from Downtown Sacramento and people can easily walk to the ballpark.  Often people dine in Old Sacramento first and then walk across the bridge to the game.  Others go first to the game and then walk to Old Sacramento after the game for a few “adult” beverages.

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Old Sacramento

Recently we visited Old Sacramento.  Old Sacramento?  What is that?  Well, back in the 60’s after the Interstate 5 freeway was built there was an area of about six square blocks that were cut off from the rest of the city.  Back in those days this area was overrun with street drunks and other undesirable characters.  Somebody came up with an idea.  “Hey, why don’t we clean that area up and restore it to look like it did during the gold rush days back in the 1800’s?”   Fortunately most of the original buildings were still there and now we can see the results.  Old Sacramento is now a part of the California State Parks system.

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Monarch – More Than A Butterfly

What’s to do in Sacramento on a Saturday Night? Plenty. Sacramento has many different forms of entertainment to amuse anyone. However, this particular Saturday Night, May 17th, 2008 we decided to attend a Sacramento Monarchs game. I’m glad we did. It was a great experience. The Sacramento Monarchs are our entry into the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) and is run by the male NBA. So, we have the Sacramento Kings of the NBA and then the Monarchs of the WNBA. Never heard of the Monarchs? Well, in 2005 they just happened to win it all. That’s right. The Monarchs were champions of the WNBA. I think they’re still champions. Anyway, last night was “Opening Night”. The very first game of the new 2008 season and with tickets in hand off we went.

Here is a close-up of the commerative T-Shirts they were selling at the arena last night.

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Sutter’s Fort – The Inside Story

After touring around the outside of the fort we ventured inside. First we had to pay the entrance fee of $6 per person ($3 for those aged 6 to 16) because this was a living history day when volunteeers dressed up in period costumes and performed demonstrations of daily life back in the 1840’s. Normal admission is $4 per adult, $2 for those aged 6 to 16, age 5 and under are free. There is a self guided audio tour that is available every day they are open.

Here is an old photograph, a medal, a powder horn and an old pistol.

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Sacramento – The Beginning

We’re going to Sutter’s Fort, the birthplace of Sacramento. It is two square blocks located between 26th and 28th Streets and between L and K Streets in Sacramento’s Midtown area. Or you can just follow these signs after you exit the Captial City Freeway (Business Route for I-80).

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Downtown Sacramento

Welcome to Downtown Sacramento, a work in progress. It seems that there is always construction going on as we are a growing city. There is not a really good way to describe our downtown other than eclectic. It’s a mix of the old and the new, historical and modern, traditional and avant garde. Let’s take a look.

The Sacramento skyline as viewed from the city of West Sacramento.

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In Memory

As long as we’re at the Capitol and the grounds let’s look around some more.  There are several memorials placed throughout the park.   To help you out there is this handy-dandy little map.  This is actually across the street between the State Treasurer’s Office and the Library and Courts Building.


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