Los Gatos del Rio

Los Gatos del Rio.  The River Cats.   The Sacramento River Cats are our representative in the Pacific Coast League, which along with the International League, are AAA, the top levels of Minor League Baseball.   The next step for the players is the Major Leagues.  The River Cats are affiliated with the Oakland A’s and many of the current A’s players played right here in river city.

What have the River Cats accomplished lately?  Well, in 2003 they were the champions of the Pacific Coast League (PCL)!  They repeated as champions again in 2004!  Last year, 2007, they were once again PCL champions and then went on to beat the Richmond Braves to become the champions of all AAA baseball.  Way to go guys! 

This is Raley Field in West Sacramento CA.  It’s just across the river from Downtown Sacramento and people can easily walk to the ballpark.  Often people dine in Old Sacramento first and then walk across the bridge to the game.  Others go first to the game and then walk to Old Sacramento after the game for a few “adult” beverages.

Once inside we can see the grounds crew watering down the infield dirt.

The scoreboard in centerfield.  They show replays of the action on the video screen.

The cheap seats.  Bring your own lawn chair and sit on the grassy hill out past centerfield.  It’s a bargain.

There’s a restaurant up there.  There’s food everywhere.  The usual hot dogs, but also nachos and other great food, including great Tri-Tip sandwiches.  Of course there’s ice cream and cotton candy too.  And what would a baseball game be without Crackerjack!  🙂

Looking toward the left field stands.

There’s Dinger, the River Cats mascot, walking around in the stands.  The kids love Dinger.  So does Goyo.  🙂

These children were there to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

After the playing of the national anthem the color guard walks off the field.

The two managers and the umpires go over the ground rules.

Yay!!!  The River Cats take the field and start to warm up.   C’mon guys bring us home a win.

The pitcher makes his last warm up throws.

The stadium is filling up.

The left field stands are full too!

And the right field stands as well.  Actually we set a record this night.  15,808!   Wow!!!!!

By the third inning the home team was ahead 6-3.  Yay Cats!!!

Up there in those boxes is where people with more money than Goyo can sit.  Hahaha  🙂

The Ziggaurat Building can be seen just past left centerfield.

Joe Gaetti, on at first, tries to get a lead.

Travis Buck at the plate.  C’mon Travis, hit the ball! 

Warning people!  You don’t necessarily want to sit next to Goyo at a ballgame.  He’s loud!  🙂

The catcher Justin Knoedler at the plate now.  And guess what?  He nailed the pitch over the left field wall for a home run!  Goyo was screaming very loud.  🙂 

Justin, into his home run trot, prepares to round third base on his way home.

His teammates congratulate him on his hitting prowess.

The scoreboard shows the Cats ahead 7-6 after five innings.  It was a wild game.  The final score was 10-9.  Unfortunately the enemy, the Portland Beavers, won.  😦

The Ziggaurat is lit up.

After the game there were fireworks since this was the night before the 4th of July.



What a great night.  Is there anything better than to be at a ball game on a nice summer night?  Have a beer, a couple of dogs and root root root for the home team.  Great fun.  And fireworks too!  Gotta do this some more.


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